Gut Bacteria May Affect Parkinson's Disease

The germs living inside a person's digestive system may affect symptoms of Parkinson's disease, researchers reported Thursday.

Tests done on mice showed their symptoms worsened when they were dosed with microbes taken from human Parkinson's patients but not when they got samples from healthy patients. And other tests on mice that develop Parkinson's-like symptoms showed they only developed symptoms if they had gut germs to begin with.


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  • Guest - Frank Bastian

    The microbiome of the gut is likely very important in the pathogenesis of
    Parkinson's disease and the dementias. The article implies the bacteria
    may act as co-factors which is a possibility. A complete microbiome must
    be done to include the Spiroplasma spp. that would not be picked up using
    standard culture methods.
    Frank Bastian, MD
    Professor of Animal Science
    Louisiana State University Agricultural Center

  • Guest - Felix lina

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